Investments 2020

FORGINAL is pursuing its modernisation and optimisation plan this year.

One of the milestones in 2020 is the acquisition of a new heat generator SINAC© PLM 400 for billets in diameter from 38 to 100mm. This decision represents a strategic investment with a major impact on the production process for our forged parts :


The production capacity of the drop hammer driven by the new heating system has increased from 400 to over 700 kg / hour


Unrivalled consistency in terms of the billet temperature


Centralised digital control for the entire workstation


Constant oversight with continuous temperature control and a digital display

Combined with the actions that we have already put into practice, all these parameters will once again help us to improve the quality of the parts that we produce specifically for you as well as enabling us to set new standards in our industry.

The entire team remains available to provide you with any further details about this new investment while delivering the turn-key solutions for your current and future needs.