Brigitte VIALLET

Manager of the Inspection and Dispatch Department

With FORGINAL industrie for 11 years

“I have always been interested in technical things. I have a diploma in industrial design for mechanical engineering. I was the only girl in my class! I worked in the inspection and quality department of a forge for 18 years I did loads of courses on metallurgy, heat treatment, managing measuring equipment and production management.

I joined FORGINAL industrie 11 years ago. When I joined, the inspection department that was already there was very well organised. There were well-established production quality monitoring and final testing systems, which have continued to advance technically since then. Our equipment is up-to-date and enables us to carry out in-depth testing, especially with the 3D measuring machines, vision measuring and profile projectors. For this job you need to have a solid grounding in metallurgy, heat treatment and measuring systems. I am still learning every day, and it’s really interesting!”