FORGINAL industrie : for precision drop forging

An independent family-owned company, specialising in precision drop forging of stainless steel

Established in 1967, the current form of FORGINAL industrie is result of the merger of several forges. Gérard TERME purchased the company in 1986. Today, FORGINAL industrie is led by the second generation of the family, with the clear desire to maintain its long-term independence.

At the time of the merger, each of the forges had its own area of specialisation based on the drop forging process: aeronautical, industrial and hydraulic couplings, parts for the defence industry, safety-critical parts, etc.
FORGINAL industrie has maintained this diversity of market sectors, and has positioned itself as a key player in the market for stainless steel drop forgings. As a stainless steel specialist, FORGINAL industrie is an expert on the challenges of forging materials that are known to be “difficult”, such as Monel, Duplex, Hastelloy and titanium.

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The manufacture of custom-made drop forgings

FORGINAL industrie has a wealth of forging know-how and skills – in a profession which is becoming increasingly specialised.

When FORGINAL industrie was established, the mass production of forged parts was extensively outsourced to low-cost countries. It therefore became necessary to refocus the company’s strategy and position it as a high-value-added supplier of forged parts.

And so FORGINAL industrie became a precision forging company. This change of strategy was made easier by the high degree of expertise and outstanding performance of its personnel.

The decision was taken to prioritise the manufacture of high-precision parts. We achieved this move by investing in our production tools and in R&D to obtain the tightest tolerances on the market. We modified our internal organisation to make it more suitable for the production of small and medium series, making niche products.

At FORGINAL industrie, all metal parts are custom-made. We do not make “standard” models. We design a specific set of tools for each customer, combining our know-how with the customer’s technical requirements. These tools can be modified over time, in line with your requirements, and absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

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An organisation designed for small and medium series

At FORGINAL industrie, everything is designed to provide maximum flexibility for our customers. The tools are designed, manufactured, tested and serviced in-house, which means we are at the very heart of your project, managing the logistics flow as closely as possible. In addition, our production equipment (which includes manual drop hammers) is ideal for launching small series runs in the drop forging process.

A safe choice

FORGINAL industrie has average annual sales of €11 M, with a very diversified customer base, half of which is on international markets, enabling us to spread our market risk.

The company has a sound capital base and has been investing 5% of annual sales in the renewal of the company’s production facilities for more than 20 years.

The production site covers a total area of 29,000 m². The site is wholly owned by FORGINAL industrie.