Company culture



Our number one priority is to listen to our customers’ requirements, so that we can be most effective in:

  • Understanding: custom-made production, our speciality, means having a clear understanding of your requirements so we supply you with parts that exactly meet your expectations
  • Advising: with our experience and know-how, we can guide our customers towards technically and economically attractive solutions
  • Supporting: we work with a network of qualified subcontractors for any additional services that may be required (machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.), so we can support you with your projects in their entirety, not only on the technical but also the logistical and organisational levels


FORGINAL industrie is a precision forging company. Know-how built up over decades, a significant commitment to research and development, a leading-edge engineering department and the ability to make full use of our experience all contribute to the installation of production tools that provide precision which is unequalled on the market.

At FORGINAL industrie, we make every effort to obtain a part that requires as little machining and adjustment work as possible after forging. Our precision means that we obtain parts with tolerances that are among the tightest on the market.


Everyone is responsible for the quality of their part of the production process, in order to achieve “zero defects”.

The FORGINAL industrie quality system goes beyond the requirements of the certifications and is subject to regular internal and external audits. Numerous checks are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, from the arrival of the raw material, through to the dispatch of your parts.

FORGINAL industrie has a demanding, effective system of continuous improvement.

In addition, we have experienced teams at every workstation, with specialists in each department


FORGINAL industrie’s management has made the choice to focus on customer service, devoting 30% of its staff to organisational and quality-related tasks.

We are fully aware of your challenges on the market. We know that responsiveness and adaptability are key in today’s market. This is why FORGINAL industrie has all the facilities needed to respond to your requirements.

Our aim is to place customers at the centre of all the processes, so that they have a clear picture of our customer-specific services. This approach illustrates our commitment to quality and our desire to establish lasting relationships of trust.

As specialists in small and medium series, we know that the issues are not the same for every project. For this reason we have the ability to adapt to your projects, whatever their specific features, even at the prototyping stage.

FORGINAL industrie is first and foremost about people

FORGINAL industrie’s culture, based on its values of listening, adaptability and experience, has become established naturally within the company and is shared at every level by its teams, who take pride in belonging to the company, and have a keen sense of customer satisfaction.

In addition to technical skills, it is important to us to value the human aspect and the involvement of every member of staff. We consider each individual to be an integral part of the company’s success.

Our teams embrace our corporate philosophy, which is expressed through :


  • Initial training in forging
  • Continuous further training in-house
  • Strong leadership of teams in each department to validate and pass on knowledge
  • Priority given to internal promotion


  • The average length of service for staff is 10 years
  • The average age of staff within the company is around 40 years
  • The management teams started their careers in the forging and metallurgy sectors


  • Team spirit and initiative
  • Personal commitment
  • Gender equality
  • The profiles of recruits must fit in with the teams already in place to ensure the cohesiveness of each department