Meet our team

Florence DUBOIS

Quality Manager

FORGINAL industrie

In my opinion, the Quality Manager is the Customer’s eyes and ears in the company. It is therefore vital that all the different departments converge towards a single common goal: the sustainable satisfaction of our customers.

Sébastien FERVEL

Methods Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 22 years

I like being able to track all the parts we make at FORGINAL industrie. The methods department is always involved from the very start of projects: we establish the technical rules so that the part is produced in accordance with best practices, both now and in the future. We have to have a good knowledge of the inner workings of the company and we work closely with all the company's departments.

Séverine ROLLAND

Sales Assistant

My versatility and my communication skills are vital assets in forging a bond between customers and the company’s different departments. A project’s success depends on the commitment of each and every one, by respecting each customer’s specific requirements, by adapting them to the constraints of forging.

Philippe PERRET

Export Area Manager

FORGINAL industrie

My role as export sales rep is to realize our international customers’ forging projects. Going from an idea to small and medium-sized production runs; to do so, you need to listen to customers, advise and support them, be the interface between process engineering, the design office and production.


Area Sales Manager

FORGINAL Industrie

I like that you have to adapt to each sector and each customer as well as being in the profession of forging which is one of the oldest but one which is also definitely part of the future.


Area Sales Manager


What is rewarding is finding projects where forging provides real added value for our customers. I also like introducing our technology to design office staff and people who don't know about forging. Ours is a profession that has been around for many years, with real know-how. But it is still largely unknown.


Project Manager – Design Office

With FORGINAL industrie for 5 years

I worked in plastics processing for 15 years before taking up my position with FORGINAL. I worked in the toolmaking design office, like I do here. The main difference in my work is the materials used. Forging is very interesting. What I particularly like about my job is that there is always something new. It is not monotonous here!

Sandrine BRUGÈRE

Testing technician

With FORGINAL industrie for 12 years

I got into forging by chance, but since I've been here I've done loads of training courses for the job. I love it. I was trained by my "older" colleagues. When they retire, I hope to take their place, so that I can take my turn to train new employees.

Dominique SAUZEDDE

Design Office Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 17 years

I am the manager of the design office which is responsible for making parts, from their computer-aided design through to their series production. I like what I do because it is one of those rare jobs where you go from a simple "lump of metal" to a finished part which requires a high degree of precision.

Céline JUDON

Tooling Quality Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 2 years

At FORGINAL, I am in charge of implementing and monitoring internal audits, quality procedures, and continuous improvement in the tooling department and in the design office. I am also a member of the company's committee for health and safety at work. Although the atmosphere can sometimes be a big rough and ready in this very male environment, I like the frank, direct approach. When we work together, we make progress together.


Tooling department

With FORGINAL industrie for 4 years

Programming and optimising manufacturing processes is my thing. Making the transition from 3D to IT, it gives you the feeling of a job well done and having achieved something good. Forginal is well equipped with machining equipment and I have been responsible for working on a project to optimise the machining of tools.

Brigitte VIALLET

Manager of the Inspection and Dispatch Department

With FORGINAL industrie for 11 years

Our equipment is up-to-date and enables us to carry out in-depth testing, especially with the 3D measuring machines, vision measuring and profile projectors. For this job you need to have a solid grounding in metallurgy, heat treatment and measuring systems. I am still learning every day, and it's really interesting!


Drop Forger

With FORGINAL industrie for 15 years

I started working in forging when I was 18, because there were a lot of forges in the area. At the beginning I didn't know anything about the job. But I do now, having worked in the field for more than 20 years. I've never changed. I joined FORGINAL 15 years ago. I knew people there and they suggested I came. I work to earn a living, like everyone, but I like forging.


ERP/Logistics Department Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 22 years

I was in charge of installing the information management system. 15 years ago, I started to work with the logistics department. Now I am responsible for all production launches, the organisation of the workflows in the workshops and the manufacturing lead times. You have to be very organised!

Jean-Luc BOREL

Cold Finishing Department Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 34 years

Forging runs in my family. I never thought about doing anything else, it was a natural thing to do. I have been manager of the cold parts finishing workshop since 2005. It needed someone who knows what they're doing to carry out the final operations before dispatching the parts to the customer. I know what needs to be done for everything to run smoothly


Drop Forger

With FORGINAL industrie for 30 years

At the beginning I was a furnace operator bringing billets up to the right temperature, then I worked in trimming and drop forging on 8,000 and 13,000 kg double-acting power hammers. It was very hard work. Now I work on much smaller power hammers. I like hammering parts. I have always enjoyed my work, even though it's hot and noisy. Forging, it's my thing.


Cold Workshop

With FORGINAL industrie for 4 years

I work in the cold workshop. I am pretty versatile – I do grinding, sizing, straightening and finishing of parts. The work isn't always easy, but there is a good atmosphere, which I like.


Maintenance Manager

With FORGINAL INDUSTRIE for 22 years

"I am responsible for all the production machines. There are a lot of maintenance levels, involving both prevention and repair. You have to be able to adapt to each machine we have and know them by heart. But you still learn something new every day! I am in touch with all the guys on the ground, and also in direct contact with the boss.

Jean-Luc BROS

Tooling Manager

With FORGINAL industrie for 37 years

I have seen all the developments in tools, from manufacturing by hand right through to numerical control! I like everything about my job, and I like metal. I love engineering, it's a real passion. I spend a lot of time on it, both at home and at work