Additional services

As well as forging, FORGINAL industrie can offer you an extensive range of additional services through its network of qualified service providers, with whom we have been working for many years.


Heat treatment

Forging gives parts outstanding mechanical properties, but additional heat treatment may sometimes be necessary. We can incorporate annealing in the in-house manufacturing process for stress relieving your parts. We can configure our workshops for on-line hyperquenching. We can also offer any other heat treatment process using our partners.



Stainless steel machining

Forged parts are rarely used in their rough as-forged state.

Our network of expert machining companies can meet your requirements, whatever the type of alloy (machining of stainless steel, steel, titanium, Duplex, Hastelloy, etc.) and the operations required (turning, milling, broaching, honing, cutting, etc.).

The small forging tolerances that we can guarantee reduce the machining allowances and so optimise the costs.


Surface treatments

descaling & passivation/tribofinishing/zinc coating, polishing…

Various surface treatments can be carried out to provide corrosion resistance or for purely aesthetic purposes. FORGINAL industrie has its own polishing and tribofinishing equipment in-house. Descaling and passivation, zinc coating and painting operations are carried out by approved service providers.


Assembling subassemblies

FORGINAL industrie can supply the components and assemble them in subassemblies, thus providing you with a turnkey solution.



Parts produced at FORGINAL industrie are often for critical applications, in which the product quality and its documentary certification are vital.

We guarantee the quality of our production using our own laboratory and a network of external laboratories for carrying out destructive and non-destructive testing.