Forge of special alloys

Critical applications

The challenge of manufacturing parts by forging is particularly related to the type of raw material used. Raw materials have specific mechanical properties which affect production in different ways. Numerous technical aspects have to be taken into consideration before starting each production run :

  • The direction of the grain flow in the part according to the required mechanical properties
  • The forging temperature
  • The hot flow of the material
  • The speed of cooling of the material during forging
  • The shrinkage of the material
  • The abrasion rate in the tool
  • The shape memory after hot forging

Forging stainless steel, or forging titanium, for example, is complex, because these materials are abrasive and do not flow easily, which can damage the tools and may ultimately lead to defects on the rough forgings. It is therefore essential to study the design of the tools which will guide the flow of the hot raw material.

Over the years, Forginal industrie has specialised in the technical forging (high-tech forging) of materials that are particularly difficult to forge, for parts which require particular mechanical properties. We have become experts in forging special alloys.

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