Our offer

Forginal industrie specialises in the manufacture of custom-made forged parts, made according to the requirements of the customer’s drawing. We support you in your projects, from technical design and costing, through to the supply of parts produced in series.

We are there to advise you and optimise your projects making full use of our specialist know-how. We offer a very extensive range of services. Take a look!

Our custom-made stainless steel forgings


FORGINAL industrie has specific production equipment: drop hammers

With these it is possible to obtain :
  • Optimum grain flow in the raw material
  • Precision parts from 10 g to 11 kg
  • Tolerances among the tightest on the market, before calibration
  • Reduction of gross raw material weight in comparison with other forging techniques
  • Thinner parting lines and very high quality visual appearance of your parts
  • Complex shapes, due to the better flow of the material in the tool

FORGINAL industrie specialisations

Materials for critical applications

FORGINAL industrie has come to be recognised on the market as a high-tech forging company. Our specialisation: drop forging parts for critical applications.

These parts are generally designed in raw materials which provide excellent mechanical properties (traction, hardness, fatigue resistance, etc.) and good corrosion resistance in highly corrosive chemical environments or where there are strict health standards.

FORGINAL industrie’s production consists of over 70% stainless steel (around 650 tonnes a year?) and materials such as Hastelloy, Duplex 1.4462, Monel, Inconel and titanium.

Forging of small series

Our production facilities give us unequalled flexibility to offer our customers very small series, starting at 50 parts.

  • All our machines are manually controlled. No programming is needed to start a series production run.
  • The assembly and adjustment of the tools is very quick and easy, unlike with automated production machines.
  • FORGINAL industrie has standardised its insert holders and trimming tools so that they are small and interchangeable. This makes it very quick to assemble and adjust the forging and deburring tools.
  • The design office and the tooling department have been strengthened so that a large number of tool manufacturing or refurbishment operations can be dealt with quickly (up to 150 per month).

Toolmaking: quality assurance during production

The 3D/CAE design of your parts is done in-house in our design office according to your technical requirements and specifications. We control the manufacture of your parts from beginning to end. We produce and refurbish all the tools in-house. Each tool is specifically made for a single part.

FORGINAL industrie remains the owner of the forging tools it designs for your parts. We bear most of the tooling costs and ask you for a contribution, which covers creating the forging drawings, the design and machining of the dies, forging tests on the tools and supplying parts for validation (master parts).

The tools are thoroughly inspected after each production run. The dies are polished, refurbished or re-machined if necessary. This is necessary to ensure the optimum quality of your parts in every delivery.


FORGINAL industrie additional services

We offer a wide range of additional services after forging, from a network of qualified partners :
  • Machining operations
  • Heat treatment (annealing, hardening and tempering, surface hardening, etc.)
  • Surface treatment such as descaling and passivation, tribofinishing, zinc coating, etc.
  • Assembling subassemblies
  • Custom packaging solutions to protect sensitive parts
  • Storage of your parts and logistical planning of your annual contracts
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Destructive testing (traction, impact strength, etc.)